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Project Need and Proposed Solutions

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What drove ODOT to this project?

Displays from the Open House

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The Problem:

The angle of the intersection at OR 211 and Dubarko Road makes it hard for drivers to see oncoming traffic on OR 211. This is due to:

  • The angle of the intersection (creates blind spots due to parts of the vehicle blocking visibility of oncoming traffic), and
  • Steep slopes blocking the view from the east approach of Dubarko Road to OR 211.

Between January 2008 and May 2013:

  • 34 crashes occurred.
  • At least 25 angle crashes were caused by failure to yield by the side street traffic, in part due to the skew of the intersection creating sight-distance issues.

Safety Improvements

ODOT will improve the angle of the intersection at OR 211 and Dubarko Road to help drivers see the highway when pulling out from Dubarko Road.

Improvements include:

  • Cutting back the embankment in the northeast quadrant of the intersection to improve visibility for drivers, which could help them judge gaps in traffic before turning.
  • Realigning Dubarko Road to reduce the angle and maximize visibility and improve safety.

Construction will begin in March 2014 and end by November 2014.

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